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Dj Macd De Wolf, a Hip-hop dj and an executive producer of hip-hop music has released a hit song titled “Body Language” which features two of the best artist "Swish Prince" & "Kevin Skugly"  who used to be in a group called SGI now known as Angst Mccoy. The song was produced by Swish Prince a member of Angst Mccoy.   
The smash hit has been well received by fans on Social Media from the day of release. Dj Macd has been working with several artists in the Polokwane region and earned respect from the entertainment. According to Social Media “Body Language” which features Angst Mccoy has led Dj Macd to think of creating promotional visuals for the song.
Visuals for “Body Language” will be soon be released on Social Media account by Dj Macd and Angst Mccoy. The Promo Visuals for Body Language created by Coded Media Entertainment Creatives and Yulart Media are sure to blow your mind. Release dates still to be announced. 

Dj Macd De Wolf - Body Language (Ft Angst Mccoy).mp3  
This is one of many Hit song to come from Dj Macd De Wolf as well as Angst Mccoy as artists. We expect more hits and visuals this year from these artists. Polokwane has great taste of music and we are here to share this and more with the rest of South Africa.
Download: Dj Macd De Wolf - Body Language (Ft Angst Mccoy)  
Music by: @macd-de-wolf 01/Mar/2018
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